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In Cold Pursuit

Dead Dry

Earth Colors

Killer Dust

Fault Line

An Eye for Gold


Sarah Andrews mysteries are available at a range of bookstores on and offline.

In Cold Pursuit cover In Cold Pursuit

Arriving in Antarctica to work on her master’s thesis, glaciologist Valena Walker discovers that her professor has been arrested for murder. Still hoping to research glaciers, but needing Dr. Vanderzee’s supervision to keep her grant and stay, Walker begins investigating the closed community of scientists, military personnel, and technicians at McMurdo Station for a way to clear his name.

Sarah spent two months on a grant at McMurdo Station in Antarctica to research this novel. Her descriptions of one of the most hostile environments on earth are drawn from first-hand observation. See reviews and details.

Dead Dry cover Dead Dry

For Em Hansen, things couldn’t be better professionally and personally. She’s got a full-time gig with the Utah Geological Survey; she’s the go-to forensic geologist for state law enforcement, and a long-simmering acquaintance with a handsome pilot is turning into more than friendship.

But when she’s called in to investigate how a massive quarry wall collapsed, she’s shocked to discover that the viciously mutilated body that was trapped beneath belongs to none other than Em’s old colleague, Afton McWain, an oil tycoon turned controversial geological consultant. It doesn’t take much digging for Em to uncover a deluge of motives for Afton’s murder, from his scandalous “three’s company” private life to his one-man investigation into a mysterious water shortage and a billion-dollar real estate fraud.

And with adversaries as treacherous as a sudden canyon flood, Em also must employ her cutting-edge skills to explore the dark territory of the heart, where love and loyalty are the most deadly mirages of all… See reviews and details.

Earth Colors cover Earth Colors

Em Hansen, the popular heroine at the center of Sarah Andrews’s unique geology mystery series, has landed a new job, although an unusual one: a client affiliated with a museum wants Em to investigate a painting by the famed western painter Frederic Remington. The client believes it’s a fake, but Em must explore the painting’s provenance to find out.

The project takes her through Wyoming, Utah, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. Halfway through the trip, Em finds she’s also chasing a murderer: someone seems to be slowly poisoning her client’s family. Before long, her innocent research project has taken a sinister twist, and it’s up to Em to find out what’s going on in time to save her own skin. All in all, Earth Colors is another smart, inventive mystery from Sarah Andrews, a fan favorite. See reviews and details.

Killer Dust cover Killer Dust

For Em Hansen’s eighth outing, Andrews takes on national security in a complicated plot about airborne anthrax and the possible devastation it could wreak on the planet. Em’s knowledge of Earth’s minutiae propels her from her Wyoming home to the humid wetlands of Florida, where her new lover, FBI agent Jack Sampler (introduced in 2002’s Fault Line), has disappeared. See reviews and details.

Fault Line cover Fault Line

In Fault Line, forensic geologist Emily Hansen finds herself in a heavenly situation – for a geologist, anyway. Salt Lake City, on the eve of hosting the Olympics, is hit with an earthquake, Em’s first; she’s delighted to see her science at work, live and in color, instead of in a lab as usual. See reviews and details.

An Eye for Gold cover An Eye For Gold

Temporarily unemployed and conflicted over a rocky relationship, forensic geologist Em Hansen accepts an assignment aiding the FBI in a fraud investigation of a billion-dollar Nevada gold mine. See reviews and details.



Bone Hunter cover Bone Hunter

The latest Em Hansen mystery is by far the best yet, combining genuine suspense and a tantalizing puzzle. Hansen, a forensic geologist (in her spare time she helps police solve crimes), has been invited to speak at a paleontology conference. But things go spectacularly wrong when her host, an eccentric dinosaur expert, is murdered, and Em seems to be the most likely suspect. See reviews and details.

Only Flesh & Bones cover Only Flesh and Bones

At the start of her fourth book, Sarah Andrews has Em helping her distant mother deliver a calf on the family ranch in Wyoming and wondering about her career choices: "If I hadn’t found my own way to the edge, life might have been quite different for me. I might have had what it took to stay on my parents’ ranch, or found myself married up to a neighboring spread, instead of heading off into these other lives of mine…." See reviews and details.

Mother Nature coverMother Nature

Miriam Menken, wife of oil millionaire J. C. Menken and mother of Cecelia, died suspiciously of a drug overdose, and Cecelia was the only witness.

Traumatized for months afterward, Cecelia has blocked out the entire event and has blamed herself both for her mother’s death and the fact that the murder is unsolved. J. C. also happens to be Em’s former boss from back in her Denver oil business days, and he bamboozles the unemployed Em into helping him with Cecelia.

If Em can unlock the secrets in Cecelia’s grief-stricken brain and help her get her life back on track, he’ll help Em find a job. See reviews and details.

A Fall in Denver cover A Fall in Denver

Geologist/amateur detective Em Hansen, a lowly mudlogger in Tensleep, is struggling up the professional ladder in her second appearance.

On her first day at Denver’s Blackfeet Oil, where she’s just been hired as a geologist, a body falls past the 12th-floor office window of CEO Josiah Carberry Menken, who’s only momentarily distracted from the saccharine welcome spiel he’s flinging at Em. See reviews and details.

Tensleep cover Tensleep

Em Hansen works as a mudlogger among a mostly coarse crew of working men. Though she suffers the ill will of the majority, Em is doggedly attached to her work, which apparently involves recording data about mud samples, even as the arrival of a coolly elegant woman geologist increases the sexism quotient.

The first death claims Em’s mentor Bill, a careful man whose car skids out of control; next to go is young Willie, apparently crushed to death by wild horses. Although remaining an outsider among the crew, Em sets out to investigate the cause of the deaths, which may be linked to the oil field’s profitability. See reviews and details.

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