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In Cold Pursuit

Dead Dry

Earth Colors

Killer Dust

Fault Line

An Eye for Gold

Only Flesh And Bones

Hardback edition 1998, St. Martin’s Press, New York
Mass market paperback edition 1999, St. Martin’s Dead Letter, New York
Japanese translation, Hayakawa, Tokyo

Only Flesh and Bones cover Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

"Andrews handles [the] possibilities with a sure hand as she introduces an endless supply of secondary characters whose company is a delight. After a few more cases, geologist Em Hansen may be as tough as the best of her sleuthing peers, but her vulnerability offers singular pleasures to current readers….

Thoughtful and uncertain, Em is especially appealing as she makes the quiet point that murder involves more than flesh and bones".


Seventeen ("highly recommended" rating)

"Out-of-work geologist and amateur sleuth Em Hansen is a slick, endearing heroine. We tore through this novel".

The Poisoned Pen Booknews

"Plum crazy for . . . an interesting if way-out plot with well-developed characters . . . [The] setting is drawn with love, and without flaw, and should appeal to you who love the West. It’s a treat to have something offbeat yet satisfying that can teach us something about relationships".

Murder Ink catalog recommendations

"Andrews’ story is enhanced by her clear, unsentimental writing about the modern West and the lives of the people who live there. If you haven’t met Em Hansen, it’s high time you did".

Mysterious Women Newsletter

"The Em Hansen series is wonderfully interesting, quite gripping, intense, and a bit gritty. Em Hansen has all the makings of a wonderful protagonist, changing from a hesitant young woman to a more daring person as the series progresses".

The Washington Post

"A canny, entertaining mixture of elements. The intersections of new money and old ways of living in the West find a convincing chronicler in Andrews".

—Pal Skenazy

Susan Dunlap

"Only Flesh and Bones is a giant step up in the Em Hansen series, sexy and intriguing. I dare you to read the first page and put this book down".

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