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Eddie McKee with pygmy nuthatch, circa 1932. Photo courtesy Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection.
Eddie McKee with pygmy nuthatch, circa 1932. Photo courtesy Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection.

The talk I gave at the USGS Western Region Colloquium is now available streaming online!  To view:

A Grand Life: The Story Eddie McKee, Grand Canyon Chief Naturalist 1929-1940 and Legendary Geologist

go to:



The latest Em Hansen mystery is Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom takes Em Hansen on a raft trip down the Grand Canyon, where murder intrudes upon that spectacular landscape.

New contact for public appearances

I am represented by Macmillan Speakers. To schedule an appearance, please contact Dana Trocker at (646) 307-5544 or go to www.macmillanspeakers.com

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Sarah AndrewsAuthor and geologist Sarah Andrews at the controls of an NYANG LC-130 on the sea ice runway, McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

This site is for all my friends, readers, and geo-colleagues who enjoy the Em Hansen forensic geology mysteries, and for those who simply love geology and want to know more about it without having to read a textbook.

I write the books to make geology easier to access (and of course to spin a good yarn), but this site will also give you links to all sorts of interesting websites used by professional geologists.

Because I wear a lot of different hats (mystery writer, geologist, teacher, adventurer) I’ve included a couple of different routes you can use to learn more about what kind of mischief I’m up to.

My biography will get you started, but you might want to check out the curriculum vitae if you want to see what a crooked path a career can take and still come together as an integrated whole, which is kind of what working in the sciences (and arts) is all about.

The book now in progress is an Em Hansen mystery, Rock Bottom.
The previous book, In Cold Pursuit, is available in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle.

Definitely look at my events calendar.
I’d love to see you at my next book signing or speaking event.

Yours truly,

Sarah Andrews

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